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Docking stations

February 12th, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

Have you ever wondered what are those things on some desks where Android users put their phones and they charge, play music trough outside speakers and also show some social signal updates or just time? Well those are Android docking station or also called Android docks. Basically they are cradles with built in micro USB connection socket that allows you to charge your phone while it it sits in an upright position for viewing videos, images or other resources but it also allows you to sync your Android phone with your PC or other devices. Those docking stations usually allow users to listen to music with built in speakers and sometime they even work like full fledged alarm clocks or home audio systems. Basically there are various different models and types and here I will show you some amazing picture of them!

Samsung android dock

Philips fidelio dock

android dock

 hale dreamer

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