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In this article I want to find out what is the modern understanding on the term – beautiful pictures.

At first I need to say that there are more than 6 billion people in the world and almost all of them have their own taste of art, food, and anything else including pictures, so we can say that almost every person on the face of the earth has their own understanding of the term „beautiful pictures”.

Secondly in my opinion our modern thinking and the complete lack of privacy on the internet has made pictures available almost to any person anywhere and that also don’t help us understand what are the most beautiful pictures, because every person can see so many of them and choosing one is almost impossible.

Of course the internet and the modern communication is also made it easier to judge and choose the bad pictures, so it is become more easier to determine the best pictures, but is it really? In my opinion the fact that there are too much pictures available to us in any given time makes us queasy and we can’t see the true beauty of images we see. For example: In the social network websites we insert only the best of the best pictures, but what happens to all the other pictures that were taken along with the chosen ones?  They get buried deep into our hard drives or ever worst – erased. This happened to me too. One day I was looking at my pictures that are inserter in one of the social network websites and I somehow didn’t like them any more, so I took a look at all the other picture that were taken at the same photo-session and guess what – I liked them.

Thirdly I must say that that you can have the same taste for women, food, or even music, but when you look at pictures there is a whole different scene. Men like pictures of sexy – half naked woman, woman like pictures of muscular athletic men, and children like pictures of nature or food. So where we stand in this quest for determining what is the modern understanding on beautiful images? I think that the society is split into many different groups that like one type of pictures, but one picture that is the best can’t ever bee found.

So for example looking at this picture below, majority of men will think that it is very beautiful picture, but women will think that this girl is just showing off and there is nothing beautiful.

Silver AUDI

Ok so looking at the next picture I would like to say that it is in deed a beautiful picture, but I can be 100% sure that there is someone who don’t like it but anyway I think it is great and you can see more picture like these here.

Beautiful pictures_4

hearts and see

And the third picture is also a very beautiful one but it is also a very sweet and adorable what makes it again not so good for example for sad people or Goths.

Chicken little

Chicken little

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