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Android Docking stations

What is a docking station?

A docking station or simply a dock is a device that allows you to plug in a smartphone or any other smart device and charge it while simultaneously playing music from that device through external loudspeakers. There are many different shape and size docks but they all have the option to charge your device no matter if it sits horizontally or vertically in that docking station.

There are also docks that act as a nightstand clocks and have a built in clock and alarm that allows user to plug in his smart device when he goes to sleep and get that alarm capability that allows to play music from device or just radio.


Philips android docking station

How are android docking station different from other docks?

On the market you can find Iphone, Ipad docks as well as multinational and Android docking stations. With Apple products you get a very similar connector at similar places to all iPhones and iPods, iPads but with android devices you don’t get that convenience and docking station makers need to create a device that can adjust to many different shapes , sizes, manufacturers and charging port positions.

These Android docking stations usually have some kind of system that allows you to move the charging port around. This system can be just charger wire that allows you to easily move your android device or a more intelligent sliding or folding charger docking port that allows you to  mount your device on that universal dock.

There are many different mechanisms how manufacturers achieve this multi-functionality but in my mind the best one is the sliding dock where you can adjust the horizontal alignment of the port and also rotate it 360 degrees because some android smart devices have charging ports that have a different orientation than most of them. I also need to mention that almost all these multifunctional docks have a mini USB connector and that is because it is become the new standard for Android Phones and that is quite convenient because if you would also need to change the charging plugs then the device would be too complicated.

Some of the features best docking stations have!

Usually all of these devices have the charger option and that is the main option that combines all them in the Dock station category but other functions range from two dock ports till Bluetooth connectivity. So here are some of the most common functions:

  • Bluetooth connectivity and music playback

  • Multiple docking ports

  • Hands free call options

  • 3.5 mm audio jack for music playback

  • Built in microphone for those hands free calls

  • Alarm clock

  • Radio

  • Application for phones to display while docked

  • Backlit buttons

  • LCD display

  • Snooze button for the alarm clock

  • Battery that provides power to clock in the case of power outage

  • Battery that provides charging to the smart device in chance of power outage

  • Amperage control mechanism to be able to charge different devices

  • External HDMI connector

  • External AUX connector


As you can see there are a lot of functions and you need to choose ones you like , need and find a dock that has all of those. I encourage you to search more about these Android docking stations but the sad part is that there aren’t that much information about these docks anywhere on the internet and the only place where I found good reviews and general android docking information is www.dockingstationhq.com


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